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About Jeannine Kay

I started my business (see www.GivingVoice.biz) ten years ago, with a focus on helping individuals develop their confidence and communication skills, so that they would be more successful in whatever they chose to do. 

Jeannine Kay - Communication CoachI was motivated by personal experience. I found many speaking opportunities to range from uncomfortable to terrifying. That was no fun and not effective. At a certain point I decided to do something about it. I tried all sorts of programs, and ultimately my fear transformed into confidence. What I found was that everything got better. And that’s when I realized that I could help other people who were in the same boat. I started Giving Voice to provide a faster, clearer path for those people to overcome their fears, build their skills, and achieve their goals.

Over the last ten years I have helped many individuals grow their confidence and become excellent communicators, with the tools in hand to manage effectively in lots of situations. Individually they are now more successful. Their businesses are more successful too, because of their expanded abilities.

Although I provided training to groups in the traditional format for a while, I found that meeting with teams for shorter sessions over an extended period resulted in significant, positive changes that lasted and spread. The benefits come to the individuals on the team and the team as a whole. The benefits extend to their fellow employees, to the company and to their clients.

To a great extent, this work is about expanding your communications abilities. We all have a tendency to get caught in a narrow range (a series of habits), which we then consider “the way I communicate.” That “way” is effective in some situations, but not in others. When you have many options, you learn to observe and listen to others more closely, so that you can better “speak their language.”

And the benefits spread. The communications skills we learn for one purpose serve us in other situations.

My M.B.A. in Marketing contributes to my belief that our professional communications need to address both the human element and the bottom line. Leadership and teams with a wide array of communication skills, and the expertise to choose wisely which to use, create great workplaces, while focusing everyone on contributing their best to a thriving business.

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Jeannine truly has a gift. Her advice is simple and elegant. What I appreciate most is that she skillfully incorporates our own work into opportunities for practice and cases for discussion. She tailors each session in response to our particular needs and areas for development. Jeannine also ensures that we hold each other accountable in using these tools in our practice so that her trainings will have lasting effects.

Perhaps most importantly, working with Jeannine is fun!

Steven LaFrance

CEO, Learning For Action