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Group Training and Coaching

I offer a series of sessions, focused on improving and expanding your communication skills — internally and externally — to increase revenues, save time, money, and effort, and contribute to a great workplace.*

*Scroll down to find out: How can this training and coaching increase revenues, save time, money, and effort, and contribute to a great workplace?

This approach to group work combines training and coaching in every session. I teach principles and skills, then provide an opportunity to discuss and practice them. We explore the ways you can use them in your work life. You bring to each session the communication opportunities and challenges that you want to focus on, that will bring you and your company more success. I encourage you to be your authentic self (and your best authentic self) when communicating.

This approach provides you the chance to work more extensively with one or two principles or skills at a time. Usually we meet for one or two hours every week or every other week. (For teams at a distance, we meet via videoconference.) Each session focuses intensely on one or two topics. In between sessions, you get an opportunity to incorporate the newly learned concepts into your everyday work life. You also see your fellow team members working on the same principles and skills. You reinforce one another. Then you return for another session. Together we assess how successful you were using the principle or skill, what the responses were to it, what challenges you faced. You are better able to truly integrate, own and use these new skills. Then we add new principles and skills.

This approach is more effective than trainings that last one day or multiple days, sometimes off-site. Such trainings require attendees to leave their work responsibilities for a full day or multiple days and to focus on a whole series of skills that are presented all at once. When the attendees return to their office, they find a tremendous backlog of work, PLUS they need to find the time to review their notes about the session they just attended, practice the skills they were shown, and figure out how to integrate those skills into their work lives. Needless to say, that’s often impossible.

Getting Started

Before beginning these group sessions, I meet with each individual on the team, to understand their perspective, strengths, needs and priorities.

How many sessions will you need?

That’s hard to know before starting. I prefer that you commit to at least five sessions. However, I do not require a contract with a predetermined number of meetings, because I am confident your team will find this process to be very valuable. Continue the sessions as long as they are helpful to the team.

Individual Coaching

Sometimes individual members of a team want or need one-on-one coaching, as an adjunct to the group/team work. This can be a good idea if one person is less skilled or experienced in a particular area than other team members. Or there may be a particular communication requirement (for example, a presentation) that others on the team are not involved in. Such individual coaching can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

*How can this training and coaching increase revenues, save time, money, and effort, and contribute to a great workplace?


  • Improving and expanding communication skills, as a team and individually, will produce better marketing conversations, meetings, and presentations that result in more business.
  • These same skills can be applied with current clients, increasing their loyalty and scope of business with you.
  • Teams that communicate well with each other are more likely to come up with great ideas, address problems, and find solutions.
  • Improved communication skills eliminate expensive communication breakdowns.
  • More and better communication skills increase the confidence and comfort levels of the individuals and the team.
  • Confident individuals, with expanded communication skills, are better leaders.
  • Confident, highly skilled communicators earn more respect, are viewed as experts and make a greater impact.

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